Friday, November 16

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - Saying Goodbye to Fabulous Friday

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It's Friday, Blog Friends.
The day that I've been hosting a link party
for over a year.

I've really enjoyed it because it was
fun to visit your blogs, see your wonderful projects,
& meet new friends.

But . . . I'm throwing in the "link party" towel.

Here's why:
{The biggest reason is last}
  • In order for your link party to be a success, you have to host it every week. I tried every other week & it just never really got off the ground. Why didn't I want to change to an every week party? Because it takes a huge chunk of time to visit & comment on all the links. Since I blog about creative projects & ideas - it is really hard to make time for both.
  • I hate word verification. Can I get an "amen"? I mean I knew I was borderline dyslexic, but wow . . . sometimes it takes me three attempts to get it right so that I can leave a comment!
  • After years of vacillating, I applied for a Google Adsense account & I WAS DENIED! My blog was deemed "inappropriate". The only reason I can find is that Google doesn't like link parties. And there is a risk of disenfranchisement from the Google search engine. {I learned this at my last blogging conference & I didn't believe it until Adsense rejected me.} I've decided not to risk it any longer.
I'm truly sorry if I'm letting any of you down.

And many thanks to those of you who have been 
SO supportive. I heart you!