Tuesday, September 25

Some of My Favorite Blogs

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One of the best things about blogging 
is "meeting" other bloggers &
enjoying their blogs.

Today I'm sharing five of 
My Favorite Blogs
that you may not know about.

Then, at the end of the post, I've included a chance for
 you to share your favorites too!

I met the adorable Leigh Anne at SNAP last year &
felt an immediate connection with her.
She has the. most. fabulous. blog. ever
with great ideas like 
Hosting Your Own Grilled Cheese Party . . .
or having a 
Carnival Wedding Reception . . .

This is the blog I read when I need perspective
about what's really important. This darling girl went to Africa 
to make a difference . . . and stayed!
Here's an excerpt:
“You are right.” He says.
I look up into the shy smile I have grown to love so much. Day 178 of bandaging this wound, and it is almost gone.
Makerere is not one to strike up conversation usually, so I probe. “Right about what?”
“That thing you say. You know. About even bad things being used for our good and all of it working for God’s glory even when we can’t see it. You are right. If I hadn’t been burnt we might not be friends, you know. And If I hadn’t come to live here, I would still be drinking and mostly, I wouldn’t know about that Jesus,” he laughs, “Jesus.”
I focus my gaze back on the bandage to hide the happy tears. I am right, but sometimes, I need reminding.

{taken from kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com}

Another name for Pam's blog could be 
"Brilliant Details" 
because she comes up with such beautiful stuff!
{Check out this amazing nailhead ceiling}

Do you like to laugh? Me too. 
Trust me, Kerry will "keep you in stitches".
Here's a sample:
If you read my "Forty-licious" post, you know how I feel about leggings. 
After a heated debate in the "moffice" today, let me clarify my stance.
You may wear leggings under a long shirt. It doesn't matter if the leggings are under a big t-shirt while you snarf cake workout or if they are under a big sweater while you romp through a pumpkin patch. What matters is the shirt. It must be long enough to cover your down there business fanny.

This little cutie can cook like nobody's business!
AND her presentation is amazing.
You'll LOVE her - 'nough said.