Wednesday, August 29

Using the PicMonkey Overlay Tool

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In my last article, I talked about a way to envision various paint colors on a front door by using PicMonkey
{CLICK HERE if you missed it.}

Here's how to try this yourself: 

Go to & click on "Edit a photo". You will immediately have an opportunity to choose the photo you want to begin with.

After uploading your photo, click on the little "thought bubble"picture {below}.

Now you're ready for the door photo {I just googled "photos of colored doors".}
When the door image first appears on your photo, it may be in the wrong spot or the wrong size. Just drag it around & adjust the size.
When the door is in place, & the size is adjusted {you can still change both later}, use the "Eraser" tool to take out anything
around the door that doesn't fit.
It's also fun to see what a difference architectural details can make!
What color are you dreaming of for a door?

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