Sunday, August 26

Deciding on a Color for a Front Door

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Recently, one of my clients remodeled her house.
Most of the budget was spent on the inside,
but she wanted to paint her front door as well.

PicMonkey {a free on-line photo editing site}
has a new overlay tool & an eraser that 
works a lot like "Photoshop for Dummies".

So, I went to work to get a vision of what
different colors would look like on her house.

Here's what I came up with.
Some of these doors came with some nifty
architectural details that really make a difference too! 
I also recommended they give the shutters a fresh 
coat of paint.

The red looked pretty good . . .
But the green was a bit too bright, I thought . . . 
Still not right . . . 
I was dying to try a yellow . . .
But I think the blue-grey was my favorite . . .