Friday, July 20

A Painting Tip

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We recently cleaned out our garage
& I was amazed at how many 
partially-used gallons of paint 
I had sitting around.
About five of them were different shades of taupe/tan.


I also needed to repaint my teenager's bedroom.
So-o-o I came up with a crazy idea.
Why not mix all those leftovers together?
I used a large bucket, combined the paints
{all satin or eggshell - I would recommend using paint with the same finishes}
It made a very pleasing neutral color AND it was FREE. . .
When combined, I had about a gallon and a half of
"FRANKENPAINT".  Most of it was used to cover the
dark grey color I had used on the walls before 
& the remainder is now being 
stored in a little plastic container - labeled for touch-up.