Tuesday, June 19

A Spectacular Kitchen Remodel

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Quite a few of my clients have old kitchens.
Not really old as in 
"quaint vintage old"
it's more like
"infamous 80's outdated".

Joan & Alan have a big family &
their kitchen had been well-loved!
Here's the before . . .
As you can see, the trend when the home was built 
meant the big cabinetry hanging over the bar.
I don't like it because it closes off the kitchen so much.

Like many of my clients lately,
Joan & Alan decided to start from scratch.
{Meaning they had the entire thing torn out!}

Our goals for a fresh, new kitchen:
- Raise the ceiling to give a feeling of more space
{this includes loosing the scary light fixture}
-Remove the cabinets over the bar
- Change the shape of the bar
-Add a backsplash
- New cabinets, countertop, & appliances

Here's the after:

What a remarkable change!

 The hardwood floor was patched
{where the shape of the bar was changed}
& re-stained. It looks so great.

Joan loves her new sink.
It is made of a granite composite &
it is so easy to keep clean.
I don't think she can say the same about her new
stainless steel appliances, but she loves them anyway!
As you can see, she has plenty of cabinets so she doesn't
miss them over her bar.
The remodel was a sacrifice, but so worth it.
{They do have a full kitchen in their basement, so it wasn't TOO bad.}
If you're going to put some cash into your home,
the kitchen is certainly the place to do it.

What do you think of the changes?
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