Monday, May 28

How to Transfer a Photo to Fabric

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Someone dear to me lost her mother recently.
I wanted to give her a sentimental gift to honor her mom's memory.
I've always wanted to try 
transferring a photo to fabric
& this was the perfect occasion.

First Method:
 I tried this method from the blog A Beautiful Mess.
The photo is printed out on a computer &
coated with Liquitex super heavy gel medium
{purchased from Hobby Lobby}.
The photo is then placed face down on the fabric &
allowed to dry. After drying, the photo is spritzed with water
& the back layer of the paper is scratched off.
Elsie demonstrated this on a magazine photo & it looks great.
My paper was thicker & I did not like the results . . .
so, on to the . . . 

Second Method
Next,  I tried this method from the Pocket Full of Whimsey blog.
{I just love her beautiful pillow!}
Freezer paper is ironed onto a thin piece of fabric,
then the fabric-on-freezer-paper is run through a computer printer.
I liked this method much better.
My Epson printer was not as cooperative as I would like, though.
Even after cleaning the printer heads, 
I got some pretty unacceptable lines in the image . . . 
I'll try this again on another project though.
The third time's a charm so . . . 

Third Method
I remembered Christina at I Gotta Create making some
fun aprons  with photo transfer paper.
I wasn't able to find the same brand she uses, but Michael's did have . . .
I like that this is an iron-on product.
I just printed the image {on my friend's printer this time}
& it turned out great. Here it is in the center of the other two:
I ironed it on some fabric & made a pillow.
{If my high school sewing teacher is reading,
yes - I did try to line up my checks!}
I love the rick-rac - it gives it a fun retro vibe.
Here's the back . . .
I hope it will serve as a loving memorial 
of a beautiful mother.

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