Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter

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What a wonderful holiday & what a wonderful time of year - filled with hope & renewal.
{My Easter finery - taken a FEW years ago. As you can see, accessorizing has always been very important to me!}

The Easter table is set & ready for our family dinner.
{Lindt milk chocolate bunnies in a little "nest". They came with a red ribbon around their necks, but I thought that looked Christmasy - so I traded them for a pink.}

On our traditional family menu:
"Funeral" Potatoes
Green Beans
Creme Brulee

Also on my list of favorite Easter things - the old movie classic, "EASTER PARADE".
If you love old movies, 
you MUST watch it! Here's a little sample:
{BEFORE Rihanna & her "Umbrella . . . ella . . . ella,
there was this . . .}

Happy Easter!

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