Wednesday, March 28

Taking Pictures of Yourself - "PROP & CROP"

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Don't you just LOVE having your picture taken . . .

Unless you're like Marilyn Monroe 
{who had people take pictures of her just to cheer her up} 
it may not be your favorite thing to be photographed.
Me either!

One thing that makes me feel 
less self-conscious
is to be my own photographer.

Step 1:
Start by choosing an area with some nice 
{I'm sure you've heard that camera flashes
are not flattering!}

Step 2:
PROP your camera to the height you want it.
I love this little tri-pod.
It wasn't expensive & it can hold on to poles & things.
{Sometimes it isn't high enough, so I use books, etc.}
Step 3:
Give some thought to your BACKGROUND.
In the pictures I'm about to show you,
I taped wrapping paper to the wall.
I've also seen fabric used for this purpose.

Step 4:
WEAR something snappy!
In this photo shoot, I started out with
another blouse on. It was pretty "blah",
so I changed.

Step 5:
You can act gooney because guess what?
No one is watching!
Make faces, use props . . . just set your
self-timer & anything goes!
After taking the first 2 or 3 pictures,
look at them & make sure the height of the camera
is right, you're centered on your background, etc.

Step 6:
Here's an example of what I mean . . .

When I do my own pictures,
I often get a more natural expression
because I'm less stressed out & self-conscious.