Wednesday, March 14

Little Things Bug Me - I Fixed Another One of Them

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In the last couple of weeks
I have been "fluffing up" my
main floor half bathroom.
{Click here to see the last post
about refinishing the cabinet.}

As you can see in the photo above,
one goal was to change the silver toilet handle
to match the oil-rubbed bronze finishes in the room.

I did check with a large plumbing supply house
for a handle in the finish I wanted,
but did not find any that could be retrofitted.

As you know, I think a can of spray paint
can change the world!
If Hunny had been home, 
I'm sure he would have wanted it "done right"
by removing the handle before painting it.
But I was feeling
conservative with my time,
so I took an easier path . . . 
I put a plastic bag over the tank,
a drop cloth over the toilet, floor, & vanity,
& a poster board on the wall behind the tank
{all to protect against overspray}.
Then, I let 'er rip!
So simple!
I let it dry & the fumes are already gone
out of the house.

It turned out great!

Next on the list: replacing the faucet.