Monday, March 5

Progress on the Main Floor Bathroom

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This is where we left off . . .
I've been working on staining the half-bath
cabinet a darker shade to match the
Pottery Barn mirror
{a replacement for the contractor's mirror
that came with the house.}
My house has a lot of oak.
My goal: to down-play the grain &
make this vanity look less "oak-ey".

The main obstacle?
We have snow on the ground outside
& it's way too cold to ventilate!

So that means no stinky stains please!
I decided to give water-based products a try.

Guess what - they didn't smell AT ALL &
they worked so great.
That's the good news.

The bad news is that sanding is the worst.
I've never had to sand anything down to the
bare wood before & I thought 
{Even with my hubby's electric sander.}
Once the wood was sanded,
I used a pre-stain conditioner.

The dark areas, above, are where I had
just begun to stain - so you can see
the raw wood there too. {I'm very proud of it!}

It took several coats of 
Minwax "Toffee" stain to get the 
cabinet to this color . . .
The stain was topped 2 coats of satin water-based
This was my first staining project &
For about $20 I have a 
whole new look!