Tuesday, February 14

A Change of Heart for Valentine's Day

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Have you ever noticed that 
Stupid Cupid 
Valentine's Day 
is one of those occasions that seems to push people's buttons?

I used to have so many expectations about 
THE Perfect Romantic Day
filled with diamonds gifts & a quiet dinner for two
{cooked by someone ELSE besides me}.

Then . . . in between all the jewelry commercials I had a
What if I use this day to show as much love as
I can to as many people as possible?
Here are ways I've had fun 
celebrating the day of hearts.
  • Cook a Romantic Dinner . . . FOR FIVE! - When the kids were little, we ALL sat down to a special dinner {complete with balloons, decorations & lots of pink food} together - much better than competing with all the other couples for a table at a restaurant.
  • Play Secret Admirer - It's fun to anonymously surprise people with an unexpected gift {especially if they don't have a Sweetie of their own}. 

  • Visit Someone Who Needs You - This year, my friend & I are taking a special dinner to a friend who is ill. What's worse than being sick? Being sick on Valentine's Day!
  • Send a Sweet Text - I received a "Happy Valentine's Day - thinking of you" text from a girlfriend & it brought a smile to my face.
  • Pay It Forward - I believe one of the best ways to return God's love is to go out into the world with an open heart & "FEED HIS SHEEP".  If you encounter a rude driver, immediately forgive him them {they're probably distracted because they just found out they have cancer}, if an elderly lady is struggling to get her groceries in her car, stop to help & then return her cart for her, etc, etc, etc!
In summary, I found out it's
way more fun to think about other people
than myself!

Do you have unconventional ways of celebrating 
the day of hearts?

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