Wednesday, February 1

Little Ways to Make Your Guests Comfortable

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Hello Blog Friends,
I do have some projects in the works
& hope to be blogging about them soon.

In the meantime . . .
I have company coming this weekend, so
I thought I'd share my tips for 
making guests
feel welcome & comfortable.

{Most of these ideas are based on my own "isms" 
when I am away from home - 
fear of starving to death, worries about getting cold,
 devastation about forgetting my toothbrush, etc. Ha ha.}
  • Treats & drinks. I put a few granola bars {or fruit} & some water in the guest room closet for easy access in case guests get hungry in between meals.
  • Provide a mirror/vanity area. In case guests are sharing a bathroom, I like to have another area where they can put on make-up, etc. I removed a hanger pole to make this area with a mirror & a shelf. {See the end of this article for a before pic of the closet.}
  • Books & reading material. For this purpose, I recommend the kind of books you can open & read a little snippet without having to get immersed in a plot.

  • A clean robe. They take so much room in a suitcase, that I seldom pack one myself. I love it when there's one available for me to use.
  • Extra blankets & pillows. If you don't have space for them in the room, make sure the guests know where they are.
  • Linen spray. My favorite is Caldrea's Lavendar Pine scent. I love to spritz the sheets & towels with it.

  • Guest drawer. Keep a drawer stocked with sample sized extras of the little things that are essential, but easily left behind. Ours has a note letting our visitors know that they are welcome to anything they need.
  • Clean out the closet. Since guest rooms are not often in use, it's easy to "throw" extra belongings into the closets. Try to avoid this tendency & keep the closet clutter free so visitors will have somewhere to put their belongings. Here's what our closet looked like before I cleaned it out . . .

If I've missed any tips about what you
like to do to make your guests feel welcome,
please fill me in by leaving a comment about it!

PS - Jerri from Simply Sweet Home wrote a great post about this also. I loved one idea she shared in particular: "Be sure that you have an open and easily accessible plug in so that you’re guests can charge their phones and other electronic devices." Click here to read her article!