Sunday, January 15

Sunday Funnies - Letters to God

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These darling letters to God made my day. 

Hope you enjoy them too.
{One of my leaders gave me the source:
Children's letters to God 
compiled by Stuart Hample and Eric Marshall}
Dear Neil, Congrats on coming up with a question that
would even make God chuckle. 
Love, Michelle
Dear Nan, Some days I know just how 'ya feel!
 Love, Michelle
Dear Ginny, Find out if you have any Irish in your 
genealogy - it makes St. Patty's Day much more fun!
Love, Michelle
Dear Larry, I know, right? It helped with our boys too!
Love, Michelle
Dear Robert, Me too! Love, Michelle
Dear Donna, BRILLIANT! I can tell you're going to go far!
Love, Michelle
Dear Ruth, Sorry, I like the post-it note more.
Love, Michelle
Dear Joyce, Give it some time. I think I know which will end up being your favorite later. 
Love, Michelle
Dear Elliott, I think you may be onto something there!
Love, Michelle