Sunday, January 1

Greatest Hits of 2011

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It's been a great year -
both writing my own blog
& reading/visiting yours!

Here are some 
favorite projects & activities
of 2012.

The most popular Pixie Dust
post of the year was my
It wasn't as popular, but I  also organized my
Spice Cabinet & I've enjoyed it too . . .
The second most viewed post of the year
{and the project I had the most fun with}
was my Chalkboard Art Wall.
The project that I put the most love into was
Nellie's Tea Party
{keep in mind, I had all sons!}.
I had fun rescuing this 
Turquoise Table from the garbage . . .
but I almost pulled my hair out over
my first upholstery project . . .
Want a fun & easy craft project?
How about these Book Bags?
 Or you can make your own
Statement Necklace.
I was involved with two awesome activities 
with the kids from church this year.

One was making Toilet Paper Dresses . . .
The other was playing
Where's Maldo?
And there were other fun times 
like my "TAYLOR-MADE LOVE" post about
when my son & his friends
Photoshopped themselves into 
pictures with Taylor Swift . . .
I'm excited about a new year 
with new projects & bloggy friendships!

Happy New Year!

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