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Sunday, November 18

I Spy With My Little Eye . . . The Grand America Hotel

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What a wonderful time of year 
with holidays & fun activities to do.

One of my favorite things to see at this special time is 

Oh my, looking at all the beauty 
gives me an EYEGASM every time.
{Hunny made up that word & I love it!}

From the yummy La Bonne Vie candy shop . . .
to the whimsical JouJou toy store . . . 
and the numerous glorious Christmas trees . . .
It is not to be missed!

Last year they had a wonderful scavenger hunt game - 
I hope they do it again.

And if you go, make sure to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa 
by the fireplace in the main lobby. 

{FYI - These opinions are my own & I'm not being compensated in any way - I wish! Ha ha.}


  1. Michelle, you made me laugh with your comment on my last post! I will be sure to post today about John!!! lol

    Shelby and I recently stayed at Little America in Flagstaff and LOVED IT! Is there a difference between Little America and Grand America? Maybe just the size? lol

  2. HERE IT IS! Finally!!! Yes, he did make it home! :)

    1. Congratulations Cindy! I popped over to read about it & got a little lump in my throat. How wonderful!

      Warmly, Michelle

  3. I play the harp during tea time once a week in the lobby of the Grand America! I LOVE seeing how they decorate it for Christmas as well! So fun being there and playing Christmas music this time of year!

    1. Cute Melanie, I hope you are playing when we make it downtown to see the Grand. Thanks for your comment.

      Warmly, Michelle


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