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Monday, September 17

Greatest Hits - My Favorite HALLOWEEN Posts

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Here are some of my
favorite past posts about All Hallows Eve . . .

First of all,
What's creepier than a
Edgar Allan Poe inspired Mantle Decor?

I also love to use
Eerie Apothecary Bottles
with fun labels in my entry way . . .
This was last year's
Halloween Party Invitation . . .
I love to create a 
Colorful & Whimsical Porch Display . . . 
I'm a big fan of Jody's
Pumpkin Lantern Path . . . 
I also adore Laura's 
Halloween Porch Decorations . . .

We're having a costume party
this year, so I'm working on some
spooking invitations -
I'll show you soon!

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  1. One thing I know, Halloween is a BIG DEAL in Utah. I love how people get in the spirit of it all. I GET NO trick or treaters here in my area. In the country, down a loooooong road to the house, in the dark....they stay in the city's towns where more TREATS are easily accessible.

    1. Yes Wendy, you are right. I even know families who decorate with lights on their houses {kinda like Christmas}! That long, dark walk through the forest to your house really would be scary. Oh well, more treats for the grandkids! :D Always great to hear from you! Are you coming to SNAP next year?

      Warmly, Michelle

  2. Sometimes I think Halloween is bigger than other holiday, it is a fun time to decorate, cooler temps, leaves falling and crunching under out feet. I'm always freezing when I decorate for Christmas, so lean to doing more at Fall. Love all this inspiration! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

    1. Hi Cathy, So nice of you to take the time to comment when you have so many to visit from your party. Thank you for your sweet input & for hosting!

      Warmly, Michelle

  3. I love every single thing in every single photo! I've always loved Halloween, but this year I'm in the spirit more than ever! I've added lots of fun new things and am getting creepier than ever. Mwahahahahaha!!!!!


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