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Sunday, July 22

Stenciling on Fabric

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I recently taught a Sunday lesson to the girls at church. While searching for an idea for a little favor, I stumbled upon this article from Kimbo at A Girl & a Glue Gun.

Here's my version of the "Prayer Pillowcase".

I found these cute pillowcases at Walmart. Why do I shop at Walmart so much? For one thing they have a tendency to be open late when I have a "wild hair" to create my latest project!

Step 1: Making the Stencil
I was terrified to make my own stencil, but it's not that hard! 
Craft stores have sheets of plastic that are perfect for stenciling.'
{Mine came from Walmart since Hobby Lobby was CLOSED :(  }

Of course, you can print any word, name, or design you want. I was feeling lazy crunched for time, so I actually ran the plastic sheet through my computer printer & printed the word right onto it {The ink did smear, but I was careful not to touch it much, then cleaned it off with Windex after cutting out the stencil.} A sharp exacto knife & a cutting board make it easy to cut out your design.
Step 2: Stabilize the Fabric & Stencil

Step 3: Apply Paint or Marker
I started out with paint, but it was stiff & I wanted a soft feel. After experimenting with permanent markers, etc., I ended up using this . . .
Weird choice, I know. It's a dry erase marker! But I tested it & it doesn't come out in the wash. It also doesn't bleed like other markers I tried. Just to insure the ink would last longer in the wash,
I "heat set" it with an iron.
After coloring in & removing the stencil, you can also touch up any lines that are ragged-looking.

Hopefully,  this will help the girls remember something very important!  ;D


  1. so cute! what a great idea to run your stencil thing through the printer!!!!

  2. Michelle, I love it!!! I'm totally hijacking this! lol.

    Seriously, you're pretty awesome!!

    I haven't blogged all summer. I can't believe how crazy life has been! Kids start school in 2 weeks, which makes me sad, but I can get back to my love of blogging. :)

    Have a happy day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cindy. Always fun to hear from you. I know it must have been a busy summer with the kiddos, but I'm so glad you are making them your priority! Blogging can wait, but children don't stop growing for a minute. You won't regret being such a great mom at your "Kid Farm"!

      Warmly, Michelle


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