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Thursday, May 3

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Today it's my pleasure to feature my blog friend
"Tara" from Tales of a Trophy Wife.
She has an awesome service project going on 
 & she linked it up to the . . .
Take it away Tara!

My husband is a periodontist (gum surgeon) in the US Air Force.  Last summer he spent a few weeks deployed on 
a humanitarian mission in Suriname. 
{Never heard of it-us either. It's on the northern coast of South America.} 
It was an amazing experience for him.
 He actually has a 30 minute power point presentation if you're ever in my neighborhood. For those of you not planning to travel to the great San Antonio area, let me show you a few pictures . . .

Here is the line of people that would gather each morning,
waiting to be treated.  
They say that the 2 biggest life-changers on trips 
like these are optometrists and dentists. 
A pair of glasses, or 
the ability to eat & speak with out pain 
is something I take for granted. 
This work takes place in schools with 
3 chairs going at a time
 almost in an assembly line fashion. 
{My hubby has a strict "do not blog about him" rule, but since he's wearing a mask I  feel safe-he's the guy in the middle.}
It was the most physically demanding dentistry of his life. 
 He saw so many patients that he actually 
developed blisters!  
While it was physically exhausting,
 it was rewarding in every other way.

A little side note:
 For those Mormons that have ever spent some time collecting, and putting humanitarian/ school kits together. 
 They actually make a difference. The above boxes were stacked in the corner 
of a remote school in the middle of the jungle.

There are several private groups/churches 

that sponsor similar trips around the world.

We have always talked about going on some if he ever
 goes into private practice and makes the big bucks.  

Not seeing any big bucks on the horizon,
 we thought it was just a distant day dream. 

Then a colleague at work invited him to go with his church group to Kenya & said that I could even go as his assistant! 
 It's always been my dream to do something like this-especially 
to go to Africa (it's even on my 50 by 50 list). 

At first the idea of raising the kinds of funds to pay for something like this on a government salary seemed a little daunting. However, we reviewed our finances, & decided that if we save a little every month, we can cover it. 
To do my part, I have also decided that 
of the proceeds of my blog 
& etsy store will go towards covering our costs for 
a humanitarian trip.
So I am going to work really hard to 
make my blog SO fabulous  
that it attracts lots of readers/ followers 
& be more committed to my super neglected etsy store
(sew some new dresses-take some descent pictures etc.). 

I love the quotation,
"It is better to light one candle, 
than to curse the darkness."  
This is my way of lighting a candle.

Thank you Tara.
You really are a trophy wife!

Click here if you are doing something
to help others.
Together we can 

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  1. Thanks for being a force for good in the world!

    This reminds me I need to go get to work on my etsy store:)


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