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Friday, April 20

Meeting Shelley Smith at SNAP

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Happy Friday, Blog Friends!

I'm having so-o-o much fun at
 Wow, can't wait to tell you more about it.
And yes, I did get to meet
"YOU-KNOW-WHO" . . . 
{I cornered her for a picture almost as soon as I arrived. PS - I know my smile is way too big & cheesy. I was just so excited. She's adorable.} 

The best part of attending a blogging conference is 
getting to know some of your blogging superheroes. 
Shelley has a sparkling personality & she is VERY popular.
It was such a treat to meet her in person.


  1. Thanks so much for hosting, have an awesome week!
    Your pic with Shelley is great!

  2. Hi Michelle! It was so nice talking to you at Snap. You are so sweet. Hope you had a wonderful time!

  3. Oh man!! Nichelle and I went to QMB on Saturday. I wish we'd run into you!! I can't wait to hear all about SNAP though. I'm totally going next year.


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