Wednesday, December 28

500 Followers Celebration

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To celebrate, I recently performed a
in your honor.
{My gift to you is in the background of this photo. . .}
A few weeks ago,
I began collecting gently-used coats
from my own home & people in my neighborhood.

When I say "gently-used", I really mean
"gently-used".  I was so amazed by the
generosity of those who donated.
So many of the coats were new or of such nice quality . . .
Then I took the coats 
{I think about 40}
to The Road Home shelter.
I am so impressed with this wonderful place
which provides temporary shelter to families
& helps them 
"step out of homelessness & back into the community".
The director I spoke to was so thrilled to 
receive the coats, saying that their need is great
at this time.

On the day that I was there,
approximately 60 children were 
staying at The Road Home with their families.
{100 people staying in 31 rooms/average stay 30 nights}
I saw other people who were helping out too.
For instance, this 7th grader, "Sammy",
 collected funds to buy Christmas presents
for the children staying at the shelter.
{*Lump in throat*}

MANY THANKS to you wonderful readers
who gave me something happy to celebrate.

My heart has grown three sizes!