Tuesday, December 6

My Dressy Christmas Tree

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For many years,
we have decorated two trees
in our home at Christmastime.

One tree is dressy
& the other has our 
mix-matched sentimental ornaments.

When I was young & stupid,
the dressy tree was my favorite -
now I ADORE the kid's tree.

But, the dressy tree does turn out
better in pictures!
I've used the same decorations for
I wanted to change it up a little this year
by using brighter reds than I have in the past.

Since I had a puny budget for these changes,
I headed to . . . {you know what's coming, right}

They have some really cute Christmas
for next to nothing.
The red branches & bulbs are from Wally-world.

I already had this stunning ribbon.

TIP: If you're short on ribbon, it doesn't have to 
wrap all the way around the tree. Just cut it into
three pieces & place it on the top, middle, & 
bottom sections of the tree.

I also love my little pillow,
which sums up what Christmas 
really means to me . . .
It's taking me FOREVER to 
get my decorations up this year!
How are you doing?