Sunday, October 30

Kevin Gets Married PLUS Table Decor in a Jiffy

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Remember my darling nephew Kevin?
I've known & loved him all his life,
& this weekend I had to give him to another girl . . .
 Luckily, I'm crazy about her too -
so it wasn't quite as hard as I thought it would be! 

Isn't she lovely?

AND they're perfect for each other.
The wedding was so beautiful.
Check out these *amazing bridesmaid's shoes* . . .
And my favorite bridesmaid, my beautiful niece . . .
The wedding took place far from where I live.
I wanted to help with some simple table decor
at the wedding dinner, 
BUT since we traveled by air--
it was tricky.

Here's what we did . . .
Walmart really saved me on this one!
{Everything is from Wallyworld unless otherwise mentioned.}
I knew whatever we had in stock at my local store
would also be available where the wedding took place,
so I shopped here at home--
then had a couple of hours to shop
& pull off: four simple centerpieces,
a "table runner" & candy favor bags for 30.

Here's my "team" that helped me . . . 
Hunny, me, Jeffrey, & Christian

I knew the restaurant was using 
burgundy cloth napkins 
& I really liked the idea of blue with the red.
The "table runner" is a glitter wrapping paper,
cut down the center.
This was my favorite element. 
It was so beautiful & sparkly in in the evening light. 
And some thought it was fabric.
These little glass vases were only about $4 each.
They held up so well despite being dropped
in the parking lot & rolling around in the back
of my nephews truck!

{Remember to keep your centerpieces short
for conversations across the table.}
The little blue birds are clip-on ornaments 
from the Christmas section. {Only $1 each.}

Tip: it's more simple - & it looks elegant too -
if you just keep all the flowers the same.
{Especially if you're pressed for time.}
 At home,
I found the picture frames, above, at the thrift store -
spray painted them,
& made the signs on my word processor. 

They have little bird ornaments 
hanging from them also.
 Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lunt.
Welcome to the family Trisha!