Wednesday, October 19

Blogging 101 - How to Get Them to LINGER LONGER

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So, remember the 
How you could check in 
but you couldn't check out?

Well, I'm not saying your blog has to be like THAT,
but I do think it's great to
make your visitors want to 
relax & stay a while.

Well, for one thing - 
make your readers feel like royalty.
{My little granddaughter & her friend with their "chalk crowns"}

I always call the Honey I'm Home readers
my "Blog Friends" & I really mean it!
So, my first tip is -
Make sure your visitors know 
how much you appreciate them.

2nd - Use live links within your posts 
to other, related items 
your visitors might want to read.
For instance,
Click here to read another article I wrote
about blogging tips.
{To make a link "live": go to the page you want to link to, copy the URL, click on the "Link" icon, & paste the URL address in the "To what URL should this link go?" box. 
Then, type something like "Click here" in the "Text to Display" box.}

3rd - Call attention to your 
Some do this by making a tab for their
favorite posts at the top of their blog.
{You have to add a page to do this.}

Sometimes I have photos along my sidebar, 
which, when clicked, link to some special content.
{If you use "Blogger", you can do this by clicking "Design" in the top right-hand corner of your blog page. Then click
"Add a Gadget".  A gadget window will pop up. Click on 
"Picture". You can add the picture you want & the link. Then you can move it wherever you want on your sidebar & save the changes.}

4th Tip -
Try "Link Within".
This is a widget that shows related
stories under each of your posts.
In the photo below,
it's the 3 pictures under "You might also like". . .
When readers click on one of the photos, it takes them
directly to the related post.
{I get a lot of traffic this way.}

And finally -
Don't send them away!
Most every blog I read has "buttons" or links
to other blogs. That's great.
However, when you refer a reader to another blog,
when the visitor clicks on the button or link.
That way, you didn't loose your visitor.
She can now read both blogs!

{Whenever I post a link, I try it first. If the link closes my blog & goes to the new URL, I change it. TO DO THIS:
first, post your live link as usual. Then, go to the 
"EDIT HTML" tab, find the URL & add
"target=new" before the URL address.}

Hope these tips were helpful - 
I've only been blogging for about a year & a half,
so I'm still learning too!