Saturday, September 10

We're Flying the American Flag Today

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Today we are flying the American flag
in our front yard.
With soberness, we honor the anniversary
of the terrorist attacks on our country 
on this date ten years ago.

Before the infamous events unfolded,
Hunny & I had purchased tickets & made reservations
for a trip to New York City for October of 2001.
Even though it was so soon after the tragedy,
we went ahead with our plans.
{Here we are standing in front of the World Trade Center site.} 

I'm usually known for my big cheesy grin &
I don't think I've ever taken such a somber picture 
before or since. 
Even though I did not personally know any of the
fallen, I felt the loss profoundly.

In the city, there were notes, flowers, & flags everywhere
to honor those who had lost their lives.
It was a strange time to be in a city that is usually so upbeat.

There was still smoke or steam coming up from the
site & the smell of sulfer {or something?} in the air.
The cleanup was underway. 
Large trucks coming out of the area where the
World Trade Towers stood
passed by us loaded with debris.
If pieces of concrete fell out of the trucks,
some were seen picking it up--a grim souvenir
of what had happened.

But then we saw this guy . . . 
He warmed my heart &
lifted my spirits.
Just look at that patriotism!
He had somehow attached all these flags
to his scooter.
{Even the ones above his head.}
He made me smile & I asked to take his picture.

He reminded me of the resiliency of our people. 
That we would carry on.
That we can hold on to hope.

Our country isn't perfect, but it's a good land 
filled with good people.

God bless the USA.