Sunday, August 28

Operation Organization! The Spice Cabinet

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I like to cook, 
but just couldn't find a thing
in my spice cabinet lately.

I've never been one to 
alphabetize . . . 
until now!

I just got to the point where I couldn't take it any more.
Here's what I mean -
Why do I have THREE containers of poultry seasoning
in my cabinet? 
I think I know the answer . . . 
I couldn't find the poultry seasoning,
so I kept buying more!

Apparently the same goes for the cloves!

I recently saw a post about a blogger
who reorganized her spices & I was inspired.
{Please let me know if it was you!}

My first step was to drag everything out of the cabinet
& alphabetize the spices so I knew what I was
working with.
{and I LOVE this step!}
I went shopping at Ikea for the spice jars . . . 

I needed quite a few jars
{like maybe around 40}.

I don't have a Silhouette,
so I used my Dymo Letratag
to label the bottles.
The labels aren't waterproof, 
so I put a little piece of clear tape over
each one to protect them.

I consolidated the spices into the new jars
& put any left-overs in the food storage pantry
{more about that later!}

This is what it looked like before . . . 
Now when I cook,
I can easily find what I need.
It's so much better!
{Cue angels singing here.}
Ahhhh . . . now I can unpack from my Lake Powell trip. 

ALSO, many thanks to 
cute Kim from Maiden D'Shade
for nominating me for this award . . .
I'm going to change the rules a little
{because I'm hard-core like that}.
I'm supposed to tell you lots of things 
about myself, but I'll just tell you one . . .

I'm NUTTY! People who don't know me well
 have no idea {probably because I was raised
in The South to act like a lady}.  But I love to play &
I have a {kinda} warped sense of humor.

It's my pleasure to pass this award on to
these great blogs:

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garden inspiration, check out 
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3 - Check out this fun blog written by 
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{She really does have a lavender house with a pool
& a guest house - I'm not jealous AT ALL!}