Monday, August 8

Lucky . . . No - More Like Blessed

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I'm on vacation! Yipee!
This is a post I wrote recently . . .

When I started my blog, I
 fretted for at least a month
about what to call it.

One of the names I loved was
"Lucky Girl".
{But one of my young friends assured
me that the phrase had an *ahem* connotation
that didn't reflect my meaning.}

The reason I loved it though,
is because I do feel like a lucky girl
with a really good {NOT perfect} life.

More than lucky . . . blessed!

Here's a perfect example.
See this garbage container?

It is almost full of {HEAVY} river rock
& it recently
fell on my legs & feet -
trapping me.
{Don't ask! Just know that sometimes
I forget I'm getting older & I attempt stupid stuff!}

I was alone, afraid, & in lots of pain from the weight.
I struggled, but COULD NOT get myself free.
I screamed & screamed for help.
No one heard me.

Well, I shouldn't say "no one",
because when I prayed for help,
"SOMEONE" did hear me.

I was blessed with the strength to
lift the weight enough to wiggle out.
{Please note my shoe still underneath
in the photo below.}
P.S. - When Hunny & I went out later
to pick up the garbage can, even the two
of us together couldn't lift it!

I'll spare you any photos of my
bruised & scratched-up legs,
but nothing is broken & there's no
permanent damage.
I feel so lucky blessed.
It could have turned into something
REALLY awful.

I'm so grateful that I'm never truly alone.