Friday, July 1

Vintage Revivals - Girl's Night Out Fun

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So, if you follow the adorable & talented "Mandi" from
you know she's in town doing a makeover.
She hosted a fun little GNO at the park
& it was really fun to meet & talk with
other local bloggers.

Mandi & Me

On the left is "Ashlee" from I'm Topsy Turvy

There was some really pretty food!
Like these *pink* cupcakes made by
{She's so fun to talk to - can't wait to check out her blog.}

And these beautiful treats with *excuse me*
HAND-MADE boxes for everyone to take home.
{Made by "Natalie" at Doodle Craft.}

I didn't get to meet her, but the cute girl in the
middle won this frame. 
{I'm happy for her - really - not jealous at all!}

Here's our group shot . . . 

Here's a list of the people I met
 if you want to drop by to visit them. . .

{One that didn't make it on the list:
A Mommy's Life with a Touch of Yellow.}