Tuesday, May 17

What a Crazy Week

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Ever since Friday the 13th 
rolled around, everything seems
to be "topsy-turvy"!

- My granddaughter Nellie--having a meltdown -

It all started with the 
Blogger glitches.
One of my posts disappeared entirely for a day,
the order of some of my posts is wonky,
& when I go to my dashboard it says, 
"You are not currently following any blogs."
Um, I'm pretty sure I stalk follow quite a few!

Now, Arnold Swarchenegger admits to 
shenanigans with a household staff member &
"The Donald" says he's not running for president 
after all . . . WHAT?!?  
(Just kidding-I think he peaked out as the boss of
"The Apprentice" anyway.) 

THEN . . . 
I went out to the garage to get one of my
thrift store mirrors that I've been meaning to hang
& the frame was broken!

I'm sure my husband someone broke it accidentally 
& forgot to tell me . . . 

So, it only cost $2 at the thrift shop & I almost just
threw it away.

(Mom, I can feel you rolling in your grave because that's 
7 years bad luck right there since the mirror would have 
certainly broken in my garbage!) 

But I thought, "Can this life be saved?"

I started by attaching my new
Disc Hanger to make it so that I could hang
the mirror horizontally instead of vertically.

Here's the odd hanging system it came with BTW . . . 
 I love the disc hanger. All you do is put a little water on
the glue on the back to activate it & stick it on.
It worked great!

 Then, I decided to use buttons to cover the hole in the frame.

   I think the secret to making something like this work,
is to make it look intentional.
So I put some buttons on the other side  too.

   It looks really cool with the other frames on my 
chalkboard wall.

Well, that's one problem solved, 
but I don't think Blogger is going to be that easy to fix!