Monday, May 16

You Made MY Wish Come True & I Celebrated With "Make-A-Wish"

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I'm so honored that my blog
recently hit the 300 followers mark!
I'm celebrating with a 
& a Random Act of Kindness
for my community to share my joy.
I got this idea from my thoughtful 
blog friend, Jules at . . . 
who inspired me to use my blog to try to
make world a better place.

Today I visited my local chapter of the
Make-A-Wish Foundation
to make a contribution
in honor of all you wonderful readers.
 -"Blaise", whose wish was to travel to Nashville to visit cousins & grandparents -

This amazing organization grants wishes to children with
life-threatening illnesses "to enrich the human experience with
hope, strength & joy."

There are 66 Make-A-Wish chapters in the U.S. with
even more all around the world.
In Utah, we are blessed to have a beautiful building
that houses Make-A-Wish.

This is the WISHING TOWER (more about that later) . . .

There are only two other Make-A-Wish facilities similar to this one
in the U.S.--one in Dallas & one in Sacramento
(with a third under construction in New Jersey).

Each wish child receives a real key 
in this "castle box"
& brings the key with them when they make their wish.

The key opens this door to the Wishing Tower!

Children gave ideas about the design of this building.
"Shanna", age 9 said, "When they tell their wish 
music plays & fireflies dance".
Which is pretty close to what happens in the 
Wishing Tower.

Then the folks at Make-A-Wish do all in their power to
make that wish come true. 
Once their wish is complete, the children are invited to
etch their names onto a star & it joins the others as it is
raised to the ceiling in a 
beautiful constellation
which is a reminder of each wish child - 
those who have passed on AND those who 
continue on with their courageous battle against
a life-threatening illness.

- "Justin, age 10 suggested, "every child who makes a wish
leaves a gold star on the ceiling".
Visitors like me can have a wish token to keep 
or to make a wish in the fountain . . . 
Last time I visited, I made a VERY important wish
about one of my children,
tossed my token in the wishing pond,
AND IT CAME TRUE! This time I kept my token.

As you can see, this is a wonderful organization!
I think "Daniel", age 15 said it best when he
suggested, "The wishing place should be
all joy & peace with nothing 
whatsoever to do with the hospital".
If you want to know more (or join me in donating),


ALSO, if you live in the area, there will be a special
a bike-riding event in St. George on October 22, 2011. 

BTW, here's a breakdown of how donations are used . . .

Thank you, blog friends, for
giving me a reason to celebrate!

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You Are Invited to a {Linky} Party

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Have you ever wanted to host
a party, but you were afraid 
no one would come?

{But enough about MY reoccurring nightmares!}

I've been planning on hosting a Linky Party
for some time now, but haven't had the
courage to do it! S-o-o,  in the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt,


You are invited 
to a 
Linky Party!

This Friday, May 20th,

to feature a post that you
would like to share with the blog-o-sphere.

Please come!