Tuesday, March 22

Faking Artistic Talent

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You'll be glad to know that the
procrastination is over &
I started work on "the chair".
(By the way, it took a long time just
to remove all the staples & nailhead trim!)
So, I'll blog about it when it's finished.

But for now,
I wanted to talk about one
way to "fake it".
(Hopefully my blog friend & artist
"Terri" isn't reading this post!)

I must have been in another line
when drawing talent was being
passed out!
(So, when I need to create something like this I find ways
to get around it.)

I saw this ad in a magazine &
wanted to make something like it for
the store where I work . . .

Inspiration drawing--SO cute!

I took some photos of our store 
& enlarged them . . .


  Then I taped the photo to a
window & traced over the major lines
onto a piece of paper.

I filled in with a few changes--
for instance, I changed the large light so that it 
didn't cover the sign & a few other things.
Can you spot the other differences?

Some of the lines aren't perfect,
but I kinda like it that way.

Maybe you would want to try
something similar with your
house or favorite building?
(If you do, feel free to "romanticize" the
real thing.)