Saturday, March 19

Procrastination and My Ken Doll

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So I bought a fun chair at the thrift store
for $8. Then I bought cute fabric to recover it.
What's the problem? I'm a little intimidated by this
project, so I am

In the meantime, I wanted to show you
my "Ken" doll.
Remember Barbie's boyfriend?
I was a real "Barbie" girl & I played with
my dolls for hours on end.

Now I have a living Ken doll.
There are some little girls who have a crush on
him & they call him "Ken". 
When we found out, (after having a good chuckle)
we decided they're right!
And I found a picture in the newspaper to
prove it. 

Here's a photo of a Ken doll . . .

And here's a pic of my son, Christian . . . 

Notice the resemblance? 
As you can see, I have my own
"living doll".

Luckily he doesn't read my blog!
He might be a little 
infuriated embarrassed
that I'm talking about him.

Next week I'll try to find some mojo
to tackle a creative project. 

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