Thursday, March 17

Sweater Flower Fun & My Own "American Idol"

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I stalk follow a lot of "Blog Friends"
whom I don't know in real life
(however,  we do go to lunch a lot in my imagination).
But luckily I actually get to see & talk to

 Her blog is the

For a little peek into her awesome personality, 
check out her nutty profile picture . . . 

 Gotta love it!

Carey blogs about her cute kids
& great projects like this apron . . . 

I was tickled pink when she
used my sweater flower tutorial
for inspiration to make her own
fabulous creations . . . 

I love her color choices! 

 Just look at this darling dress she made for her daughter . . .

about making sweater flowers
(she also took it a step further & made bracelets).

Carey is such a beautiful person & I'm proud to know her!