Thursday, March 10

Bloggy Lunch

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Today I had fun getting to know these
Blogging Beauties.

Jason's Deli didn't know what hit them - ha!
Since everyone was wearing their "Beautiful Blogger"
buttons, we got asked a few . . . questions. 

Here's a list of the cuties & their blogs . . . 

Here's our high fashion shot . . . 
(The girl on the front right is my pretend daughter, Nichelle, from Vintage Wanna Bee)

AND a little shopping at Antropologie after, of course!

I'm off to read my new friend's blogs . . . 

Blogger Buttons

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Today I'm excited to be going to lunch
with some other local bloggers.

I'm looking forward to meeting new
people & to be learning more about blogging!

Instead of handing out business cards,
I made some 
"Blogger Buttons" 
to hand out . . .

I made them by cutting up some pages from
an old book.
(My strips are about 1 3/4 inches wide x 18 inches long.)

Tape the ends of the strips together 
with not-shiny scotch tape.

Then fold the (taped) strips in a fan pattern.
(Like when you were in elementary school!)

Next, tape the ends together so the
strip makes a circle.

Push the circle down flat &
hot glue the center.

I printed, cut out, & hot glued these messages on the front. . . 

On the back, I glued a safety pin & a label
with my blog name & address.

My button has my blog name on it.

I hope the girls like them!

For more projects with book pages,
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