Wednesday, March 2

Kiss Me - I REALLY AM Irish

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Can I be honest Blog Friends?
I've never cared a tinker's flip about
St. Patty's Day.

I never wore green & 
thanks to some . . . ahem . . .
overzealous elementary school teachers,
my children were just plain terrified of

Then I found out . . . 
I'm Irish! 

- My "Kiss me I'm Irish" pose - 

As you can see, not the red-haired, green-eyed type of Irish--
probably because there's quite a bit of German mixed in as well.
(Do Germans get their own holiday that I can 
celebrate now too???)

How do I know all this? I've been working on my
genealogy & it is 
so fascinating!

If you haven't ever done any research into your family
tree, I HIGHLY recommend it. SUCH FUN!
A world of help is open to you on the internet.

I recommend Family Search (FREE!)
(often there's a free one-month trial membership offer). 

So, guess what, I threw up a few
St. Patrick's Day decorations.
(They're hard to find! Doesn't any
one CARE about this IMPORTANT HOLIDAY???)

Sorry, I can't remember where I down-loaded this printable, 
but isn't it cute in the frame?

 After an exhaustive search for a green pillow turned
up nothing, I made my own from dishtowels.
They were rectangular, so I folded the corners over to 
find where to cut to make a square.
With right sides together, I sewed around the edges,
leaving an opening in one side for stuffing.
To make "Turkish corners", I made a little triangle
pattern guide & placed it in each corner to sew
a line across. After trimming it looked like this . . .
 Then, I turned the fabric right side out, 
stuffed the pillow with poly fill & machine
sewed the opening. 

  So does anyone know what 
"erin go braugh" means?  :D