Monday, February 21

You're ALL "Winners" . . . But Two of You Have Won an Apron Set!

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Many thanks to all you beautiful girls 
who entered the apron giveaway.
You're TRULY all winners to me!

(So glad I didn't have to pick . . . 
I let do it for me! By the way--
each person only needed one comment to enter--
so I deleted the redundant ones to make it fair.)

And the winner of the "Audry"
apron & hot pads is . . . 

"Jill" from Women Who Do It All

The winner of the "Black Lace"
apron and rubber gloves is . . . 



"Carol" from The Answer is Chocolate 
(Ya' got that right Carol! I love her blog BTW.)

I'm very grateful to Gloveables 
for providing these great prizes.

And thanks to all of you for participating.