Saturday, February 5

YEAR LONG LINKY PARTY & a 200 Followers Celebration

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A while back I blogged about 

I was inspired by my blog friend, "Jules" at
when she celebrated 100 followers
by giving to her favorite charity,

I promised to follow suit when I
reached my next milestone.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to
celebrate each of you 200 
wonderful followers by giving
a donation in your honor
to a soup kitchen in my community.
(By the way, my heart is so full--I never dreamed that
200 people would want to read my blog--thank you!!) 

Here I am with "Brian" today at our local
Rescue Mission. My donation represents $1 for
each of Pixie Dust's 200 followers.
(In the background of the above photo, you can see the chapel where
services are held--as well as pillows & blankets which are used each
night for those with no where else to lay their heads.)
(Here we are in the area where food is stored. Each day, about
400 meals are served to anyone in need!)

If you'd like to jump on board by
"Changing the World 
One Blog at a Time",
I invite you to do something meaningful
in honor of your blog.
For instance, my blog friend, "Mandi" at

always asks  that we go out and do a 
Random Act of Kindness
when we register for a give-away on her blog.
Please share with us about the fun 
you're having while participating in this challenge.
I'm keeping this linky party open for a year!