Saturday, January 29

My Art/Chalkboard Wall is Finished!

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 Once in a while, a project turns out
just as I had envisioned it.

Most of these beautiful frames belonged 
to our dear Mom Lunt.
And I wanted to do something 
special with them.
AND I've always wanted a chalkboard wall!

A lot of my inspiration for this came from the
wonderful blog Isabella and Max Rooms.

I really loved using this Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint &
this "Super Doo-Z" lint-free roller.

First, I painted around the edges with a brush,
then rolled the middle. It only took 2 coats!

All of the frames were gold
with a very "orangey" cast. Since I wanted a feeling of 
a mix of metallic finishes, 
 I used a sponge paint brush &lightly
painted over some of the frames with 
a platinum color using this product . . . 

 Usually I lay a grouping of frames on the floor, 
arrange them & hang them, but this is a large
wall--so I used this method to decide on placement . . . 

I used old, ugly wrapping paper & traced around
each frame & lightly taped them on the wall.

Click here for a video tutorial on
hanging wall groupings.

It will be fun to write our favorite quotes 
in the empty frames.

I hope Mom is looking down & smiling.

(By the way the little girl in the grouping is my husband's ancestor--isn't she darling?)
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