Saturday, January 1


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Happy New Year!
We celebrated the first day
of 2011 with a day
of snow fun.

My little "snow angel" - Nellie
This is what it's been doing
in my neighborhood lately . . . 

(My back yard earlier this week)
Which made for some great
New Year's Day 
snow activities like sledding . . .

(By the way, isn't Hubby's hat hilarious? He bought it as a gift for
me, but I look hideous in it. Today he asked, "Are your using this hat?"
"Oh, it's OK, you can borrow it", I responded.  
Lots of sledders enjoying the park
We also enjoyed making a
snowman . . . 

And a Snow Angel
made snow angels . . .

Even Sam joined in the fun . . .
In my next post, I'll talk
about more fun ideas of things
to do with SNOW!