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Tuesday, August 23

Got Cellophane?

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I don't know about you,
but I like things that are pretty & shiny.
Which brings me to one of those
things I can't do without . . . 
If you don't have a roll on hand
& some cellophane bags -

{It's not expensive if you buy it at a store
like Xpedx or Taipan Imports.}

I love cellophane because it makes an ordinary
gift look special.

For instance here's how I make a fruit basket.
Start with a basket you have on hand
& some kind of paper or straw filler 
{for the bottom of the basket}.
Then, just fill with your favorite fruit . . .
& wrap in cellophane.
{Tip: I often recycle ribbon that I've saved from
packages I've received, etc. If it's wrinkled, just touch
it up with a warm iron.}

Here's the finished product again . . .


  1. I love it too..this is how I decorate my Christmas cakes for my neighbors, it is just so pretty and festive! :D

  2. I got my local florist to get me a big roll of the white spotty cellophane 2 years ago. It cost £5 and I still have some left! It is so handy for baskets and gifts.

  3. I have found that my hair straightener makes a wonderful ribbon iron. Of course I don't use hairspray on it so it still clean. Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas. I love your fun blog.

  4. Who gets the fruit basket I wonder? Love the idea. I was just eyeing my sister-in-laws collection of cellophane bags, they ARE great.


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