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Friday, July 1

Vintage Revivals - Girl's Night Out Fun

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So, if you follow the adorable & talented "Mandi" from
you know she's in town doing a makeover.
She hosted a fun little GNO at the park
& it was really fun to meet & talk with
other local bloggers.

Mandi & Me

On the left is "Ashlee" from I'm Topsy Turvy

There was some really pretty food!
Like these *pink* cupcakes made by
{She's so fun to talk to - can't wait to check out her blog.}

And these beautiful treats with *excuse me*
HAND-MADE boxes for everyone to take home.
{Made by "Natalie" at Doodle Craft.}

I didn't get to meet her, but the cute girl in the
middle won this frame. 
{I'm happy for her - really - not jealous at all!}

Here's our group shot . . . 

Here's a list of the people I met
 if you want to drop by to visit them. . .

{One that didn't make it on the list:
A Mommy's Life with a Touch of Yellow.}


  1. It was delightful to meet you Michelle! You are just lovely in every way. Looking forward to checking out your blog and getting to know you even better!

  2. Loved meeting and laughing with everyone...was a great time indeed :)

  3. Michelle your blog is as adorable as you are! It was so wonderful to meet you last night and I look forward to being inspired by you!

  4. What A Wonderful Gathering! All Those Beautiful Smiling Faces! Absolutely Made My Day Visiting Tonight! Thank You Michelle For Sharing Such A Delightful Get-together With Us. Have A Glorious Weekend. xo Terri

  5. How fun is that? I'm jealous I don't live near you :)

  6. I am so excited I met you you are so stinkin sweet And thank you so much for including me you are the BEST that made my night :)

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  7. What a fun time that must have been. I haven't a crafty bone in my body, but I will live and enjoy it all Vicariously through you.

  8. Oh my, that looks so fun! I'm sad that I had to miss it!

  9. Michelle!
    I swear I let a comment on this post already! It was SOOO fun meeting you IRL you are the sweetest person in the world!

    Love your guts


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