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Sunday, May 8

A Tribute to Good Women & Things Mom Taught Me

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- Happy Mother's Day -
When this day rolls around each year, 
I also think of the other women in my life 
who were so kind to me & who took the time
to care . . . my 2nd grade teacher who took me 
under her wing & taught me to read (I was behind), 
my Aunt Evalee who helped raise me, 
that vacation bible school teacher who didn't get mad
at me when I talked too much, 
my mother-in-law who didn't raise me--
but taught me SO much.

Good women make a difference
in the world every day.  

Here are some of the things
my mom-in-law taught me
(from a book I made for her) . . . 

There's lots more, but my favorite is
this last one. In Mom's house, she had
"K.Y.M.S." written on little slips of paper
& taped here & there . . . 

Here's to good women everywhere!
{Who influenced you for good?}


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  1. I love the pages of the book you shared. Your mom-in-law, through those pages, seems wise and VERY fun! :)

  2. Those were fun.
    and guess I have to totally agree with K.Y.M.S.
    sometimes it is the better choice.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your blog- such a great name. And those are true words of wisdom!

    :) Samantha
    Crafty Texas Girls

  4. I love all those cute sayings. especially the K.Y.M.S. If only I could use that more often!!


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