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Sunday, April 17

Modest is Hottest! A Tip & a Funny Story.

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I found the most fabulous
spring dress at the thrift store
for $6!

The only downside . . . 
it was cut a little low 
in the front. 

Of course, I could just wear a cami under it, 
but I don't want to look more fat than I am
I don't like to add "bulk" to my midsection,
so I did a little trick that I've used before . . . 

I just took a piece of white fabric & folded it to a 
double thickness (you can use interfacing if you want,
but I didn't). Then I sewed a zig-zag stitch along the 
other three sides. (I don't have a serger, but that would
be even better).

Then I just pinned it in place & sewed it to the
placket (I think that's what it's called!).

Ah, I'll feel much better wearing it now!

And now 
for the funny story . . . 

Once upon a time, when my boys were younger,
a new family moved into our neighborhood.

We were all a little taken aback when they promptly
decorated their front yard with a 
(I don't mind statues like this in a museum, but it 
seemed a bit out of place in our family community.)
After snickering for a month or two, my sons came
up with the BRILLIANT idea to clothe the statue.

They found a white t-shirt & wrote the message,
on the front with VERY colorful felt markers.

Source of photo: Wikipedia

(Their design took up most of the front of the shirt.)
They sneaked over in the dark of night
to give the poor girl something to wear.

and the shirt STAYED ON!

(We thought maybe the neighbors liked our sense of humor.)

It became a game every time we drove by
their house . . . 
was she STILL wearing the shirt? 

It wasn't until the shirt came off, that
we realized the markers the boys used weren't

The sprinklers had come on.
The markers had bled.
Now, she was not only nude,
but psychedelic.

I was SO mortified.

Were we going to have to confess
& pay for the statue to make it right?

While I worried about what to do,
days went by (again) & 
the sun bleached her chest back
to her original ivory completion.

Moral of the story:
don't have sons!  
(But if you do, don't keep markers
in the house!) 


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  1. So Funny -- because the group of girls that still calls themselve "the Laurels of Love" did that same thing (probably to the same statue) years ago. They actually had a little supply of kids shirts from the thrift store, and when the one they put on diasappeared -they had another one ready to go!

  2. Isn't it fun to find a Neat outfit....that is a steal!!!!
    That statue story is hysterical...did your neighbors ever find out who put her in the t-shirt.
    Sons are so much fun........and it sounds like you have taught them good morals.

    I don't think they ever found out who dressed her, but the statue is still there . . . years later!

  4. what a funny story! let me share a hint with you: i wear those long and lean tank tops from Target under just about every shirt and dress i own. i am long-waisted, so i always feel like my shirts may ride up and expose something i'd rather keep to myself - these skinny tanks are long, so they take care of that - plus they have a little stretch (lycra maybe), so they keep my stomach looking flatter than it would if i didn't wear them, and they keep deep-plunging necklines from being an issue (without having to wear a dickie!)

  5. What a great find. I love how you fixed it.

    The story made me laugh. At least your boys appreciate modesty. I remember my brothers being so mortified and complaining when they're dates wore dresses to the dances that were not modest.

  6. Great solution for the dress! Love the statue story...that must have been quite the spectacle - nude, dressed and psychedelic!


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