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Monday, April 25

A Meal "To Go"

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My perfect darling son
came home from college for Easter.

He likes to cook dinner for his
friends sometimes on Sundays,
so I gave him this
"dinner in a bag"
to take back with him.

It's so easy, even a
caveman college student
can make it!   ;D

This "kit" includes most of what he needs
to make potato soup:
the potatoes, carrot, spices, bouillon cubes,
flour, & the recipe.

He's still learning to cook, so I made the instructions pretty detailed!
He only has to buy the ingredients in red--the rest is in the bag.

By the way, this delicious
soup is from one of the best cooks
I know, Michelle Larsen.
It's a favorite of our family & I
guarantee you'll love it!

Potato Soup Recipe
·     6 cups water
·     6 chicken bouillon cubes
·     1 Tbsp. dried parsley flakes
·     4 potatoes
·     1 large carrot
·     1 Tbsp. minced, dried onion
·     1 stick (1/2 cup) butter
·     ¾ cup flour
·     2 cups half & half (fat-free works fine)

Put water, bouillon cubes, parsley flakes, & dried onion in a large pot & put on high heat. In the meantime, peel potatoes & cut into small cubes. Add to the water on stove. With a vegetable peeler, grate carrot & add to pot. Cook (boil) until the potatoes are tender when you poke them with a fork.

While the potatoes are cooking, melt one stick of butter on low heat. Using a wire wisk, slowly add ¾ cup of flour to the melted butter. Cook for about a minute or two (keep wisking!) on medium heat. SLOWLY add the half & half to the butter/flour mixture. Keep the heat on medium & wisk the ½ & ½ in. After all the ½ & ½ is mixed in, continue to heat this mixture until it thickens (to about the consistency of pudding).

By now your potatoes are probably done cooking. If so, ladle out about 2 cups of the broth (no potatoes)—a little at a time—from the potato mixture & mix (wisk) into the ½ & ½ mixture.  Then dump the ½ & ½ mixture into the potatoes & broth. Serve with rolls.

"Son  I gave you everything you need except the butter & the half & half. You’ll also need a potato peeler, a wire wisk, a large pot, & a medium pot. LOVE YOU!"


  1. I need this in my house. I can't cook at all. I would buy those home made ziplock kits-would be perfect!!

  2. What a lovely mum you are, this sounds delicious!!!

  3. This is such a clever idea! Now if I'm only able to remember it about 18 years from now lol :)


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