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Thursday, March 10

Blogger Buttons

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Today I'm excited to be going to lunch
with some other local bloggers.

I'm looking forward to meeting new
people & to be learning more about blogging!

Instead of handing out business cards,
I made some 
"Blogger Buttons" 
to hand out . . .

I made them by cutting up some pages from
an old book.
(My strips are about 1 3/4 inches wide x 18 inches long.)

Tape the ends of the strips together 
with not-shiny scotch tape.

Then fold the (taped) strips in a fan pattern.
(Like when you were in elementary school!)

Next, tape the ends together so the
strip makes a circle.

Push the circle down flat &
hot glue the center.

I printed, cut out, & hot glued these messages on the front. . . 

On the back, I glued a safety pin & a label
with my blog name & address.

My button has my blog name on it.

I hope the girls like them!

For more projects with book pages,
click here!


  1. Well Michelle, if the girls don't like them I definitely do - superb idea x

  2. How could they NOT like them. I think they are very very cool. It is so fun to "meet up" with bloggy friends and actually SEE and TALK with the people whose blogs we read. I have met some amazing people just from doing that.

    and the name of YOUR blog is very cool.....Faith (yup, I keep working on that) and then throw in some pixie dust for good measure.

  3. These were such a good idea! They're so fun! Thank you. And it was wonderful to meet you! :)


  4. that is adorable and thoughtful, and i am loving your irish-ized front porch! so cute!

  5. When are you going to plan a blog party? I want to come to one! Please do it soon! :)
    Those badges are so clever and cute!! Great job!

  6. Thanks for stopping by!

    I love these great for so many things

  7. I really like these! I've got a local blogger meeting coming up, I'm going to try something similar to yours!


    1. Hi Alison, Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you like the buttons. Please send me you link if you blog about making them & your get-together.

      Warmly, Michelle

    2. I did make them! Here's a link to them:

      I linked my post back to yours. Thanks for the great idea, I hope everyone at the meeting loves them as much as I do.



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