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Saturday, February 12

Making Birds

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In my last post, 
I talked about book club.

Since we read the book,
"A Guide to the Birds of East Africa"
(this book was a novel, not a guide--
but it did have lots of birds in it),
I thought it would be fun to make
these whimsical little birds for decorations.

I got the pattern for the plump birds here
at a blog called Lolly Chops.
  (I did make the tail section a little longer than the Lolly Chops pattern on this bird)

I pinned--then sewed (with right sides together) one side
of the bird's tummy.  I used the smallest seam allowance I could manage.
Then did the same with the other side 
of the bird & the other side of the tummy.

I then sewed (right sides together still) around the tail
& top of the bird--leaving a section under the neck 
for turning & stuffing. 

I put some legumes from my food storage in the
tail section to weight the bird--then stuffed it with polyfill.
(By the way this is the best use I've found for legumes so far! Ha!)

For the wings, I just put wrong sides of the
fabric together & zigzagged around the edges.
I thought the wings were too small to make any
other way, & I like the raw edge look on this project.
I just hand sewed the wings on & buttons for eyes.

I gave some of the birds tail feathers--which are just
lots of wings put together.

I also fell in love with some birds I found at
They put theirs in the nursery & I 
am going to save mine for that 
"grandbaby room" I'll be decorating 

Here's my version . . .

I made my own pitiful amateur pattern
for this style of bird.
You are welcome to it!
Here it is:

This is made pretty much like the fatter bird,
except I didn't use wings since it looked
more like a pigeon.

I also created my own tree for them to perch in.
(I saw a silver tree that I really liked at Z Gallerie, but
it was about $100. The one I made is similar to it.)

I cut a branch off a tree in my back yard,
put it in a pot & used plaster of paris to
affix it. Then I spray painted it
in 30 degree weather . . .
I'm hard core like that!
I like the way it came together.

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The DIY Show Off


  1. These birds are great. I love what you say about decorating for school dances from the dollar store. I have always dreamed of being on design star at the dollar store. There are so many possibilities!

  2. Those little birds are just the cutest, Michelle! I especially love the pigeon, he looks like he is up to something. Great fabric too! I can't believe how good your spray painting came out in the cool weather. You ARE hard core!!! Happy Valentine's Day, my most amazing bloggy friend. XOXO Jules


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