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Tuesday, January 11

Blog Friend Spotlight - Jazzed Up Hand Sanitizer Gifts

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One of my favorite things 
about blogging is
the great people I "meet".

Have you heard about 
my "blog friend" 
Jules at bles-id?

She recently showed the
cutest idea to jazz up
your hand sanitizer . . .

Jules removed the label the bottle came with
and mod podged a new one on - HOW CUTE!

She has lots of other great ideas too!

As you know from my last post
there is an epidemic of a 
superbug going around--
so lots of hand sanitizer just 
plain makes sense!  :D


  1. Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH! For you to feature me on your amazing blog is such an honor. You've made my day! AND thanks to your doing this I am now to 100 followers, which means I am donating $100 to Olivanna's Closet, an ministry at my church that helps unwed mothers with everything they need for their babies! Keep the faith and keep going strong on your blog my little pixie. I learn something new every time I visit. You've made me a better cook, better crafter, better person! XOXO jules

  2. What a wonderful idea. Pretty and practical. A winning combination.

    Wow Jules, Your message (see the 1st comment to this post) brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful idea to give to a charity if you reach a certain amount of followers! I am going to have to copy another great idea from your amazing brain!

  4. Great idea! She has a great blog...I will follow her now!

  5. That is a great idea!! I also have done it with the clear hand soap as well! Thanks for posting this great idea!


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