Friday, December 24

Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

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Each of our sons has
his own ornament collection
(so that when he marries & leaves home he will have his own decorations)
& each year we add to it.

We have lots of ornaments with Santa doing various things. 
One of my favorites has Santa riding an exercise bike while he eats cookies.
My kinda guy!
  We either write on the actual ornament or add a tag
indicating what year we got it & who it belongs to.
Here's the irreverent ornament I picked for
my teenager this year.

Another tradition we love -
At Thanksgiving we put out a puzzle
& there's one on the table through
New Year's Eve.  

 If guests stop by, we ask them to add a piece to our puzzle.
(But they rarely stop at one piece!)

As a nod to my husband's English
heritage & my son's time spent in
England, we are including
"crackers" with our Christmas meal. 

On Christmas eve, 
each family member opens
ONE gift of their choice.

 Somehow the boys always find THE gift to open on 
Christmas eve!
What are your favorite traditions?