Friday, December 10

Colette's Elegant Christmas Decor

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I've blogged about my dear friend, Colette, before.
Sometimes people come up to me & say,
"I wish I could meet your friend Colette - 
she seems so great!"
(She IS!)
A few years ago 
I helped her decorate her home.

When Christmas rolled around,
we had a ball shopping for decorations
which were hand picked with her
beautiful furnishings & accessories
in mind. 

Each year I get to help Colette
put up her Christmas decorations, 
so I thought you may like to come along
this time.

Come on in & I'll show you around . . . 

Colette's entry has this large railing -
perfect to decorate with garlands!

When decorating the tree,
we start with the big stuff - like
the ribbons & large copper colored balls.

Then we fill in with all the smaller ornaments . . .

This is a chair which we had recovered - I love the pillows
Colette uses on it for Christmastime.

. . . The living room mantle.

The one thing that I can't convey in a blog post is the 
wonderful feeling of warmth & love present
in the home of my friend 
who keeps the
true spirit of Christmas
in her heart all year through!

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