Tuesday, December 7

The Grinch Who FOUND Christmas - The Funnest Church Party Ever!

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We just got home from such
a fun Christmas party.

We all dressed as "Whos" from
down in "Whoville" & 
I wanted to share the fun pictures
with you!

Yours Truly with my sweet little granddaughter, Nellie

 The Grinch was there & Cindy-Lou-Who, of course!

I couldn't believe the gravity-defying hairdos!
I heard that plastic cups were the secret!

"The Grinch" told a story with a spiritual message about how he found the true meaning Christmas through Christ. 
The mayor of Whoville came too!

My sweet son with Nellie
 & his hilarious tights (below)!
(Can you see his hairy legs underneath??)

I think my darling friend, Heidi, likes to dress up in
costume even more than I do!

Everyone got their own polka-dot bib to wear
while eating their "roast beast" & "Who pudding"
Don't you love those crazy straws?

Adorable mother & daughter "Whos"
My friend, Drexel, (on the left) was the mastermind
behind it all. Thanks, Drexel, for a fun-fulled 
& uplifting evening!